Shortage of electric power in winter When the air conditioning in voltage instability?


  During the winter peak season, voltage instability may appear in certain circumstances, then, is to see is it easier to carry home appliances.If is in use, a voltage instability, appliances can't afford this kind of voltage change, there is likely to short-circuit or failure.Take the air conditioning, if encounter voltage instability, what should I do?

  So, if the use of air conditioning in voltage instability, we how to deal with?

A difficult, compressor motor start up.

When the master switch to ZhiLengDang, whether should pay attention to listen to the compressor has been launched into the running state.Such as start, shall be immediately shut down, don't start still start again, refrigeration, shall be suspended for voltage picks up and start using.Don't when the master switch to ZhiLengDang, people to leave, because let compressor overload protector frequently connected, cut off for a long time, one thousand make it lit knot, large current through the compressor motor windings may make it burn up.



  At the moment of air conditioner starts, because the starting current is too large, lead to the ammeter pointer can be instantaneous fight, and then return to the normal work of the air conditioner current value (to view the product specification).Such as the capacity of 3480 w (3000 kcal/h) of the normal work of the air conditioner current is 7.5 A, if the start moment, ammeter pointer fight, then the pointer back at 1 A, compressor has no job, and 1 A current value that only the wind motor in the work.Master switch to cut off the compressor circuit application at this time.

Second, the compressor running instability.Power grid voltage fluctuation, can make the compressor running abnormally, sometimes will automatically stop.Encounter this kind of situation, the user application master switch to cut off the compressor circuit, in case of burn down compressor motor windings.

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