Industry farewell high-growth era Enter the industrial upgrading


A few days ago, on the "fifth session of the Chinese electrical appliances marketing conference", Beijing yi kang released "2015 annual inventory and the Chinese electrical appliances market development trend forecast in 2016" (hereinafter referred to as development trend forecast)., general manager of Beijing yi kang Jia Dongsheng said, slow growth is just the "new normal" situation's appearance, structure, and promote growth is under the "new normal" development status.
All electric low growth, small household appliances will sing
, according to the development of prediction from the point of macro economic situation, both in domestic economic growth rate and real estate development can realize to the outside of the home appliance market power is not enough, however insufficient and can capture the stability to the new market opportunity, good stability in such as the sale of goods have increased, income keep on growing and network gradually increase of permeability, etc.
The development forecast also shows that in recent years, home appliance market has farewell high-growth era, began to consolidate and industrial upgrading.Points products, color TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning and other electric market growth downturn, collective "cold", structure upgrade, differentiation competition became known as a new way of electric heating ice;Hutch defends electric appliance market compared to traditional electricity market remained stable growth, high-end intelligent pilot market;The air purifier and water purification equipment products are "should", water purification equipment to maintain the "sung", air purifier from "savage growth" into the "normative", is experiencing growing pains;Life electric appliance market as a whole to maintain growth, healthy environment, such as vacuum cleaners, mixer, electric coffee pot products.
Color television market differentiation competition, highlights appear frequently, intelligent, 4 k, large size products market share continues to expand, yi kang push according to display, that total 1 ~ 10 months, intelligent, 4 k, 48 and above products retail sales ratio reached 71.6%, 28.3% and 28.3%, respectively.At the same time, surface, ultra-thin, OLED technology products is also in keeping the high market growth, become the new power of color TV market is growing.White goods market, online and offline product structure is different, the frequency, air-cooled, cross, drum, artistic, and other products more fully offline market expansion, much higher than common online retail sales, online market penetration and WIFI air conditioning offline.Hutch defends the product development stage is not the same, dishwasher, electric oven and other emerging product volume growth.Range hood, water heater, kitchen burning gas is still the hutch defends products three big main force, high-end trend remains unchanged, in addition, intelligence, energy saving, beautiful into hutch defends products bright spot this year.
To promote the internal product, home appliance market "positive"
From home appliances this year in terms of overall development, the overall home appliance market in the stage of products continued to escalate.Online channel to get fast development, home appliances category from 1 ~ 10 month online and offline market growth, online market growth is significantly higher than the line.Household appliances for most evident in the influence of online channels, online market proportion is over 15%, including vacuum cleaners, hair series, mixer, electric coffee pot, etc category as high as 60% above.In hutch defends electric appliance and all electricity in areas such as online market share reached 10%.
"Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning proposals will be a boon for home appliances market. Such as the urbanization is the biggest driving force of expanding domestic demand, the increase of the proportion of the population of permanent residents in cities and towns in the next five years, will drive the 960 billion yuan of new home appliances market demand potential. Expand the residents' consumption, insisting on green development, implement the national energy saving plan, open two foetuses policy will accelerate the home appliance industry structure adjustment, such as high-end, intelligent, energy-saving, healthy, differentiation market will inspire more new market space. At the same time, Internet + plan, made in China 2025 will also drive the convergence of Internet and home appliance industry, intelligent, electricity will accelerate industry upgrading.
Yi kang predicted in 2016 year, including mobile phones, computers, home appliances market scale will reach 1.6 trillion yuan, up 5% from a year earlier.The color TV industry retail sales reached 162.1 billion yuan, up 0.5%.White electric washing machine (including air conditioning refrigerator) reached 289.7 billion yuan, up 0.6%.Hutch defends electric reach 167.6 billion yuan, up by 11.0%;Life electric appliance reached 96.3 billion yuan, the growth rate of 3.1%.
General manager of Beijing yi kang Jia Dongsheng said in an interview with reporters, 2016 home appliance market will remain "are" as a whole.

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